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We mentor through media

So…when I’m not bringing life to amazing marketing projects – I’m teaching young people how! 

I have a huge passion for young people and life skills and so I decided to develop a programme that could fuse these two areas of interest together.

Big Light of Mine mentor through media mission
Big light of Mine
The Mission - What do we do?

Here are the 5 pillars of Big Light of Mine Life Skills programme that we focus on cultivating in our young professionals as we mentor through media:

We provoke and answer young people’s questions about, wait for it…life!

We want young people to make better decisions about their lives by asking the right questions and finding the right answers. We want to help them to be able to make informed decisions about their life and their future.

We develop creative ways to share information on life skills.

Life is such a broad topic – so much to learn, so much to know. Sometimes serious, sometimes funny or educational but ALWAYS relevant!

We like to challenge opinions and get young people’s thinking caps on.

We like to find out what young people think and why. We want young people to bring their ideas and opinions to the forefront and be confident that they add value.

We believe that young people receive more from interactive and informal working styles.

It’s important that we develop and practice good communication skills and feel comfortable socialising with one another on different levels. I believe we can learn lots about the world that we live in from each other. Creating forums for young people to speak where we can listen and facilitate, aids their positive growth. We use interactive formats such as workshops, roundtable discussions, role play and debates (to name a few!) to encourage this.

With understanding comes confidence and empowerment.

We want young people to take action, responsibility and ownership over their thoughts, opinions and future. Lot’s of small changes now can help young professionals to prepare for a life time of success.

We do all of the above by connecting with young people through their joy and interest in media!


BIG LIGHT OF MINE mentor through media

Preparing young people for success

What's important to Big Light of Mine?

  • Young People
  • Life Skills
  • Success
  • Media
Mentor through media a young lady with her media mentor

I’m genuinely passionate about problem solving and helping young people. I enjoy exploring practical ways that people can use to move forward in their life purpose. My passion is to make accessing the direct route to success a fun and interesting journey of discovery.

Why mentoring through media?

I have benefitted loads from mentorship – people who have taken time out to share their knowledge and experiences about life with me. It has helped me to build my character and grow in confidence in my decision making when it comes to life.  Had it not been for some of these people, I may not have have had the opportunity to learn these life lessons at school, college or university.

Big Light of Mine is my way of giving back to others who could benefit from this type of support too. I believe, with the right knowledge and tools, everyone has the potential to be successful.

I also know that the most effective forms of mentorship take place when coupled with an area of interest for the young person. Media is my field of expertise and is a broad subject that many find enjoyment in and connect creatively to. This is the vehicle we use to engage and empower the young person.  

The social enterprise Big Light of Mine is geared around training up young protégés in digital media and design to teach them all about how they can harness their talent and skills to add value to real life media projects.

What is unique about this programme?

Alongside the work experience and job opportunities that they are able to benefit from and take advantage of, there is mentorship support available as they navigate their way through various projects and receive on-the-job training. With myself as their guide I share with them industry experience and assist them as they grow their own professional networks.

Young people who work with me are not working FOR me. The Big Light of Mine programme is especially suited to those young people who are interested in starting their own business or exploring the field of self employment and contracting in the media industry.

A young girl filming with a camera mentor through media

How does the programme work?

When a young person signs up to be apart of the Big Light of Mine programme, they gain access to events hosted and coordinated throughout the year focused around the field of media. At these events they are able to network with like minded people and can also take advantage of seasonal workshops where we focus on topics such as; public speaking and pitching, photography, videography, financial intelligence and internet safety – all areas that they are going to need to cover as they enter into the media industry.

Scroll down for more information about the life skills areas that we cover.

Big Light of Mine Workshops & events

Our workshops, events and multi-step programmes are aimed at personal, social, health and economic education. We aim to share knowledge to allow young people to make informed decisions about their future, in the wider world, during and after leaving secondary education.


This workshop encourages young people to think more consciously about what they are posting online; to make them aware of their digital footprint and to help them to apply practical steps to protect their personal data and identity when using the internet.


After taking this workshop young people should be able to identify what vision and purpose they have for their lives, along with practical plans in place to help them to realise their passions.


Finding out what my strongest learning style was, turned out to be a game changer for me and in this workshop we use helpful tools to support young people in identifying their own. This is especially helpful in preparation for tests and exams.

Want more information on the full list of Big Light of Mine’s programmes and events?

What young people say

When Lianne led the workshop, she made me feel confident to express myself and I felt like she enjoyed being there.

Keely, 14

I liked debating and finding out other people's view points and opinions.

Dwayne, 19

A young girl holding up her mission statement mentor through media

When Lianne led the workshop, she made me feel confident to express myself and I felt like she enjoyed being there.

Keely, 14

Mentor through media a young man smiling as he takes part in a fun activity

I liked debating and finding out other people's view points and opinions.

Dwayne, 19

Big Light of Mine is also a proud sponsor of The It’s Lit Programme.