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To Bring Life to Ideas!
To see my clients excited and empowered to communicate their brand with confidence tells me it’s a job well done.

The vision is to see smaller businesses thrive and equip themselves with creative and innovative marketing strategies that enable them to compete with larger organisations.

My promise is to educate every client in marketing best practice, cutting through all of the jargon whilst using simple but impactful solutions to achieve their marketing goals.

Big Light Digital .

Up until June 2016 I spent 9 successful years working agency-side in digital marketing and communications up and down the country.

Roles throughout my career have always involved working closely with clients. I have been responsible for managing marketing projects to ensure that they run smoothly and are delivered to a high standard, on time and on budget.

A passion of mine is seeing an idea come to life and using strategic and clever thinking to create innovative and impactful solutions.

I have a BA Hons degree in Communications Culture and Media and I was sure from the beginning of my career that digital was where I was headed. 

As a creative multi-tasker I enjoy getting stuck into projects and partnering up with like minded people.

In 2014 my career took me off to London. When I returned to Birmingham, I decided to use the experience that I had gained to venture out on my own.

Further more, it became a passion of mine to use my select skills to support smaller businesses who were probably unlikely to be able to afford large marketing agency budgets, however still desired the same calibre of work.

For those who have worked with me I would hope they consider me to be straightforward and down to earth while remaining solution focused.  Helping people learn new things in my field of expertise, is a job well done and for this reason I delight in being a part of the solution.

I’m a firm believer that time and people are the two most valuable assets in life; so building lasting, positive relationships is right up there on my priority list.

Outside of work I love to play chess, listen to live music and laugh.

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