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Bethel Convention Centre New website

Bethel Convention Centre the Perfect Venue for every occasion

Big Light Digital is proud to present the new and improved Bethel Convention Centre website.

I particularly enjoyed bringing life to this project as this business is local to myself and has so much potential for reaching the community far and wide.

Who are BCC?


Bethel Convention Centre (BCC) is an events venue based in the West Midlands owned by Bethel United Church of Jesus Christ (Apostolic) UK, founded by the late Bishop Dunn. This events venue is a large multi purpose facility that hosts events such as; conferences, exhibitions, concerts, meetings, weddings, graduations, award ceremonies, proms, workshops and more…

The facilities were purpose built in 2001 and are based at Kelvin Way, West Bromwich. BCC has a small friendly team who offer flexible services at the venue.

Project Objective:

To redesign and implement a new website, fit for purpose in functionality and design. 

Big Light Digital started with BCC’s analytics data to learn about the best way to upgrade their online presence via their website. As a large organisation, BCC’s website attracts a relative amount of traffic. Big Light Digital provides quarterly Google Analytics reports along with valuable insights and recommendations of what these trends in data suggest. From these figures we can identify things like the most popular pages and where there is room for improvement.

This was quite a meaty project so I’ll do my best to keep this short and snappy.

What did Big Light Digital do?

1. Branding

From ‘Providing their clients with The Perfect Event’, to becoming ‘The Perfect Venue for Every Occasion’

BCC’s previous brand promise was ‘Providing you with the Perfect Event’ with an ambition of being the natural choice for every type of occasion for clients up and down the country. This messaging could have positioned BCC as an events company – when really they are a conference and venue facility.

The updates made to the strap line (The Perfect Venue for Every Occasion) allows for the marrying up of the venue spaces available to their customers, as well as allowing BCC to promote the variety of occasions that can be held there.

The updated website branding would lead the marketing collateral design going forward. BCC has a strong design presence with the main theme of the branding focused around the deep purple colour palette.
2. User Experience and Site mapping
The redesign of the website presented the perfect opportunity to update the website user journey.
  • Contact Form
    The contact form is one of the most valuable tools on the website, where visitors are most likely to navigate to in order to make their enquiries. On the new website we have also made the contact form accessible on the footer, in order to help visitors through the sales funnel, thus converting into paying customers and increasing new and retained business.
  • Site Navigation
    It’s always important that information on the site navigation aids signposting to relevant places in the website, so that you don’t lose or confuse your visitors. The approach that was taken was steered by the branding and by the analytics data collected. 
  • Events Calendar
    The data tells us that as a conference and events facility, visitors to the website are interested in events that are taking place there. Venue websites are an important part of event marketing for their customers. The format chosen for this page was a simple events calendar to visually show the listings of events taking place at BCC. This page also becomes a key function, requiring visitors to access the website for reasons other than making a booking.

3. Website design – Look and Feel
As mentioned we had to mindfully revamp the BCC website without disregarding the current look and feel (keeping it inline with marketing collateral and affiliated organisations) whilst improving functionality and the digital experience of the website. 

  • Mobile optimisation
    Despite the analytics telling us that visitors continued to access the website on their mobile devices more than any other platform, BCC’s previous website was not mobile optimised. This was important to address, considering that search engines such as Google, penalise websites with poor mobile optimisation.
  • Photography
    In order for the venue to be showcased at its best, updated photography of each room in use has been captured to show people using and enjoying the spaces and remains a prominent part of the design.  

4. Content Management System

BCC’s previous website suffered from outdated functionality. It was their desire to have more control over the updates that are made on the website. However without a content management system in place this made it difficult for someone internally to manage simple updates.

By providing a content management solution (WordPress), this makes it easier for in house updates to be made.

If you feel that you would benefit from similar digital support please use my contact form and get in touch.

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