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Digital is getting on my nerves!

Digital is getting on my nerves!

Says my 17 year old sister who is classed as Generation Z – more familiarly known as a Digital Native who is said to be a 24hr internet access demanding, screen swiping, video messaging, super texting, master of social media!

Soooo as a specialist in the digital field this is quite perplexing that even our Gen Z are becoming tired of impersonal, screen to screen, keyboard warrior engagement.

It has to be said, that in the time of lockdown, all sorts of businesses and organisations have been coerced into having to become more digitally savvy and creative with their engagement strategies.

Here’s a list of virtual meeting trends that I’ve experienced during lockdown. Can you relate?

1. Why do we even need a virtual meeting? Can’t you just put it in an email?

Interactions that traditionally (meaning pre-lockdown) would have been a short email have now become a 1hr zoom meeting, including fancy virtual green screens (which I actually love) and screen shared presentations (it’s only three bullet points! Surely it doesn’t need visuals!)

2. The meeting is how long?!

Just because I’m at home all day doing nothing doesn’t mean I want to spend all day on a virtual meeting. Let’s be honest, all virtual meetings longer than 1hr is almost considered rude. (I’m just saying what you’re thinking!)

3. I can’t hear you!!! Who’s mic is on???

Please please please mute your mic (especially if you have your screaming child in the background). The interference has everyone rolling their eyes behind their profile pictures (just so you know…)

4. Speaking of profile pictures…

…I hosted a virtual meeting once and everyone was on mute and had their profile pictures up – now if that doesn’t make you feel like you’re speaking to yourself, I don’t know what does!!

5. Who else is on the call?

We all have a little swipe to see who’s actually joined to see what you look like (even though we already know).

We all need a giggle in these trying times. Which one are you??

Virtual meetings meme

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