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Digital is the Future

Digital is the Future

With Covid-19 bringing our economy to a stand still, it has become clear over the last two months that in order for workforces to continue functioning at some level of operation, digital technology has taken pole position.

As a business owner in the digital sector, I have seen demand increase rapidly for the digitally savvy in these unprecedented times.

Communication has never been so crucial and the ability to stay connected whilst we’ve been staying home, has in most cases kept a lot of us going (myself included!)

With all that said, I’d like to highlight some of the best digital platforms to use whilst working from home that are guaranteed to improve productivity and keep you connected.

  • Zoom video and web conferencing has been a very valuable platform that I’m positive has seen increased usage over the past few weeks. From weekly briefings to team pairing during remote working sessions to build websites, gym sessions and pub quiz socials – Zoom has a fantastic share screen functionality, that allows you to give the other person that you’re sharing with control. It has made my life so much easier professionally, by reducing the feedback loop when managing my client’s websites. Their pricing is reasonable and their free subscription allows 40 minute meetings, if you decide not to purchase a paid subscription.
  • Slack has been one that has been around for a while, however this has helped keep our remote teams connected and focused on ongoing projects during this time when communication is vital. Slack acts as a chat room for your company and also allows you to send instant private messages as well as group messages via various channels. It is a great alternative to email and can easily be integrated into different programmes to increase maximum efficiency whilst working.
  • Hangouts is one of Google’s products, included in their G-Suite. It’s a free product that can be used as an instant messenger tool and is accessible through your Google browser or via an app. 
  • Trello is a great tool to facilitate with productivity and helps you to get a visual picture of your workload whilst breaking big projects down into manageable chunks.

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